Patricia A. Sheldon, LCSW, LMFT, Certified EFT Therapist

Working with individuals, couples, families, groups and businesses. Because everybody, needs somebody, sometime. (Keith Urban)

Patricia A. Sheldon, LCSW, LMFT
13000 Equity Place
Suite 106
Louisville, KY 40223
(502) 552-6050
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What Can I Expect From Therapy?

What will happen at our first meeting?

  • Plan to spend 90 minutes at our first meeting.  It takes time to begin to get to know each other! 
  • The first meeting is designed to help all of us determine if we can work together.  Connection is very important.  If you don't feel it's a fit, I will try to connect you to someone who is!  

What can I expect from Therapy?

  • Confidential, discrete, caring service focused on your needs!
  • After the first meeting, sessions last about 55 minutes.
  • Within our first few sessions, we should have an idea of how long the process will take.
  • Throughout the process we will evaluate where we are at, and if we are heading in the right direction!
  • Many people complete their work within 10-15 meetings; others simply take more time. 

What are your fees?

  • My fees are $100 per clinical hour; Initial Consultation is $150.
  • If insurance reimbursement is desired, we will talk about the pros and cons, and I will provide the appropriate paper work to file for insurance.
  • Consider this:
    • Many mechanics charges $85/hour labor charge on your vehicle
    • Many hair stylist charges $38/hair cut & style [30 minutes]
    • Major Applicance Repair folks charge up to $200 to simply show up to your home
    • Many Massage Therapists charge up to $100 an hour for a massage

Are you worth it? 

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